Money Mindset Makeover

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Are you looking to change your negative money story to a new, empowered one that works​?

This Money Mindset Makeover Course will help you find out what top experts are doing to manifest money and how to put the fun into money while seeing exciting results​!

It’s Designed for You, If You:

  • Feel as if you have tried everything, and are still stuck outside your dream ​
  • Feel as if financial success is for other people​
  • Secretly fear you will never achieve success​
  • Want to change your money story, and start making more money!​

So here’s what you’ll learn to leverage with each module:​

Module 1: Change Your Money Story

Learning Objective: Give yourself a money “re-set”—and a ‘story’ you will love​

  • Stories we sell ourselves—and why we do this, even though it hurts 
  • Your unique money story (and what you can do to change it and empower yourself to action)
  • Seven symptoms you’re prosperity-blocked … and how to nip them in the bud
  • Why you are not always doomed to financial lack and how you can shift the pattern
  • Silencing your saboteurs:  When it’s actually not you who’s keeping you down—and what you can do to stop them affecting your success

Module 2: Let Go of Money Stress

Learning Objectives: Get rid of all those conditions and habits that stop you from reaching your financial goals​

  • What you can do about your “bad luck” syndrome
  • Naming and nixing common bad financial habits
  • Stress-free financials for the non-financial minded
  • Making your money work for you: Strategies to ease the stress
  • What you are really worth—and why you are definitely worth it!
  • Mistakes to avoid (and how not to start making them) 

Module 3: Bust through Your Money Blocks

Learning Objective: To find the most effective block-busting technique that works only for you​

  • Block-busting secret strategies of five celebrity coaches
  • Identifying your personality type, so you can tailor your block-busting strategy
  • The missing ingredient will make your favorite tactic work for you
  • Aligning your block-busting strategy with your goals
  • Finding your philosophy and empowering yourself to avoid future blocks or relapses

Module 4: Love Your Money

Learning Objective: Creating a money routine that excites and rewards you​

  • The importance of small changes and tweaks—and why they can generate big results
  • Six ways to journal (for those who hate to do so)
  • Financial fool-proofing: How to lay a solid groundwork
  • What you can change … and what you can’t
  • Money stories revisited: Where is yours today?
  • How to really make it happen

What You’re Gonna Get…

  • Access to the 4 Module Money Mindset Makeover Course 
  • Money Mindset Makeover Planning Guides and Checklists 
  • 4 Weeks of Money Mindset Makeover Group Coaching 
  • Private Facebook Group

Total Value: $ 1597.00​ // $497.00 TODAY! 

Course Starts August 8! Sign Up Now!

Course Features

  • Lectures 4
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 20 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 4
  • Assessments Yes
    • Lecture1.1
      Module 1: Change Your Money Story​ 30 min
    • Lecture1.2
      Module 2: Let Go of Money Stress 30 min
    • Lecture1.3
      Module 3: Bust through Your Money Blocks 30 min
    • Lecture1.4
      Module 4: Love Your Money​ 30 min
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